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Because we care about you and your future wherever you are.

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Next, some of our works.

Web Design & Development

  Web packages.


  Software development.

Support & Maintenance

  Technical consultancy.

Antara Green.

  Strategic alliance.


  Web design

Membership System

  Java application

Hardware and Software

  Profesional services

Inventory System

  Java application


Who We Are? Know us!

Given the whole new world we are living nowadays, and knowing how fast does the TIC's grow, we united as a team with the only mision of helping medium and small business to carry on their goals. We have the knowledge and the tools for making the difference out there and we are giving it to you.

Jurgen Azofeifa Flores


"The only limits are in our heads". Committed, perseverant and creative, always giving encouragement to the team for making things better.

Jean Carlo Ruiz Fariñas


A truly passionate integrant that will develop only the best for our clients. He is the head of the programming area.

Jose Daniel Arce Fonseca


Besides programming, he is the mind behind our marketing department. His skills: visionary, innovative and entrepreneur. Always aware of our costumers' needs.


Because we are always pending.

Here's our contact information if you want to contact us for any reason. As our slogan says, we do care about you and your future, that's why we will be aware of your consults, doubts and any comment you have for us. Thanks for helping us to grow bigger every day.

Heredia, Costa Rica. (506) 87185399